Weddings at Trinity Lutheran Church

Our best wishes are with you as you embark upon one of the most important events of your lives.  Below are a few helpful suggestions:

  • Contact the Pastor as soon as you have a date in mind. The date will be secured and an appointment will be set up to discuss arrangements in detail.
  • The church provides the use of all of our facilities, the Pastor, the Organist,  the  Custodian, all candles except for the Unity Candle and its two tapers. (large, plus two tapers – important to note size of 1” or 7/8”)
  •  The couple shall make arrangements for the florist, the photographer, the Unity Candle (if using one), any bulletins, the rehearsal time, the marriage license, fees to be paid for securing date (if non-member), and payment of fees when turning in the marriage license.
  • The runner for the center aisle should be 75’ long
  • Please note that the marriage license must be secured from the county and turned into the church office with the names of the two witnesses attached, at least three days before the wedding (2:00 pm Wednesday).

All outstanding fees for the wedding must also accompany the license being turned in on Wednesday.  Checks for custodian, organist, and pastor must be made out to the individual and placed in separate envelopes: Custodian, Margaret Stevenson; organist, William Musselman; Pastor, Kenneth Johnson or Pastor, Jake Lehman.  The check for non-member weddings is to be made out to Trinity Lutheran Church.



CHECK #1  Custodial $150  (check made out to Margaret Stevenson)

(the church may be opened no more than three hours prior to service,

must also notify florist)

CHECK #2  Organist $150  (check made out to William Musselman)

($15 charge for extra rehearsals or music consultation)

CHECK #3  Pastor $150  (check made out to Pastor Ken Johnson or Pastor Lehman)


$500 deposit (non-refundable to secure date)

ADDITIONAL NON-MEMBER FEE – $50 if pew torches are used



A:  Will not be allowed to have weddings at Trinity unless the Pastor of Trinity officiates (except for certain circumstances);

B:  Will not be permitted to have weddings at Trinity after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday evenings.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises (church buildings and parking lot).

There is to be no throwing of rice, candy, etc., and no strewing of flowers in the aisle without a runner to protect the carpeting.

Members of the wedding party are not to extinguish candles or move candelabra or other chancel furnishings or seasonal decorations.


Since a Christian Wedding Ceremony is a holy Worship Service in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, just as it is with all of our Worship Services, flash pictures will not be allowed during the Wedding Worship at Trinity from the beginning of the organ Prelude through the conclusion of the Organ Postlude.

There are two exceptions to the above policy:

  • A flash picture may be taken of the bride and her father at the Narthex door into the nave as long as the photographer does not go beyond the balcony overhang.
  • A flash picture may be taken of each bridal couple as they recess out of the Church from the back of the nave under the balcony overhang.

Pictures may be taken in advance of the Worship Service before the guests have arrived, or they may be taken following the Worship Service after the worshippers have left.

Please coordinate with pastor and custodian.

The photographer for each Wedding Worship is to check all plans for picture-taking with the pastor prior to the Worship Service.

(There are some possibilities for video-taping the Service.  Please check with the Pastor.)

Photographers (or any members of the wedding party) are not to extinguish candles or move candelabra or other chancel furnishings or ornaments.